Breeding Dwarf Puffers

Because of ambiguous rights of this picture it is unfortunately removed

The breeding is generally as king viewed discipline and not without reasons. Already with 5 month old dwarf puffers breeding is possible. Mostly a special tank is necessary. The attitude conditions such as water values and environment need to be optimal matched. To rearing is a high degree of Sanitary is necessary and increased expenses for the feeding. Breeding can help to save genuses and futhermore helps to reduce the removal of Dwarf Puffers from the wilderness. Especially the breeding of the dwarf Puffers (Carinotetraodon travancoricus) was already several times successful and I have got two breeding reports which shows that. My success was more lucky. Suddenly two tiny hatches were swimming in my 460 Liter tank and hunting tiny snails which were hiding in Riccia fluita next to the water surface. My water condtions are PH ~ 7, no NO3, low KH and GH and Water Temperature around 25 °Celsius

Once I have a very detailed Breeding report from Frank Stoppers which I really like and want to recommand as "guide". Moreover, I probably have got the first on the Internet published breeding report from Ren which cames from Japan. Breeding report I would to note that the use of Ren aquariums sizes are for my understanding too small. Nevertheless, worth reading.

Erbsenkugelfisch Weichen blue spotted On this fantastic picture is a female Malabar puffer "blue spotted". The back is a little bit darker and covered with black little spots. Probably shows that she is willing to spwan.

This and many other Fotos are from Andreas Sander. Many thanks to him and by the way his Website also shows great Fotos to other species. Have a look